Sunday, March 14, 2010

A'7 & A'10 mini sagas competition winners

A'7 class winners:
1st winner: No 2. "A black President" by Prodromos A.
2nd winner: No 8, "That's terrible", by Andreas K.

A'10 class winners:

1st winner: No 9, "Was it worth it?" by Sotiris S.
2nd winner: No 6,"too late" by Thekla S.& Irene P.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


1.Nasty boys by George S.(2010)
There is a student from Palestine who is new to our school. The way that she dresses is different, so some guys one day started laughing at her. The result of that was that she never returned to school. The nasty boys were expelled from school and learned their lesson.

2.A Black President by Prodromos A., (Cyprus 2010)

A black person decided he wanted to be the president of the USA. Many people were not in favor of that because they didn’t want a black person to rule the country. Yet, many others didn’t mind his color and trusted the man and now he is the USA president.

3.A story about a boy by Margarita E. (Cyprus 2010)

A boy called Tom in my school looked very sad. His parents were divorced and the other boys avoided him. He was always alone. The other children teased him but when their teacher heard about this, she advised them to be friendly and apologize to him. Finally, they became friends.

4.The foreign boy by Hara (Cyprus 2010)

Last year, a foreign boy came to my school and noone spoke to him. The boy felt very lonely. When we had a PE lesson, the other boys didn't want him to play in the football match and so he went to the class and cried for a long time.

5.The story of a boy by Andri T.(Cyprus 2010)

In a school there is a boy from Turkey named Ahmet.H is alone and nobody talks to him. Everyone laughs at him and says bad things about him. When he talks to someone they all go away from him. The boy feels bad and alone. He hopes to make friends.

6.Fight racism by Chryso(Cyprus 2010)

There was a girl called Naila who was always sad. She came to Cyprus a few years ago but she didn’t have any friends. The students avoided her because of her colour and her nationality. After the teacher talked to them, they realised their mistake and they became friends.

7. Being alone in the world by Margarita H.(Cyprus 2010)

Last month a girl, Kelly, came to our school. She is muslim and she wears a “mantila” on her head. She is the only girl who wears one and the students who went past her didn’t speak to her. She felt very bad and it was getting worse and worse…

8. That`s terrible by Andreas (Cyprus 2010)

One day while I was having a walk in the park I saw three children laughing at a foreign child and hitting him. I ran there but they had already gone. The other kid was crying and said that he wanted to die and he couldn’t stand this any more.

9.Racism by Anastasis (Cyprus, 2010)
Pital was a foreign girl who came to our school some years ago. Pital was treated in a bad way because nobody talked to her. The teachers tried their best, but she could not speak nor understand Greek. Unfortunately, there was no special programme at school for her to follow.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


1.Get Respect by Kyriacos (Cyprus, 2010)

A teenager once came to Cyprus for more opportunities. The teenager was getting humiliated by the other teenagers. Fifteen years later that teenager became one of the best businessmen around but even so he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved. Will that day come when people will treat him equally?

Something Different
by Erika K. Cyprus, 2010)

There was an Africa man who came to Greece for a better life. He saw a job advertisement for a Santa and he applied. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take it because he was black. After begging, he finally took it and he became famous because kids loved him for his difference.

3.What’s wrong being black? by Nasia(Cyprus, 2010)

A family from South Africa had moved to New York. The youngest boy of the family went to school and told some boys to spend some time together. When he went to one of the boys’ house, the mother asked him, “Why did you bring a black to my home?”.

4.That makes me feel bad by Maria Pa.(Cyprus, 2010)

A foreign student came to Cyprus to go to University but he also had to get a job at a restaurant for extra money. One day two women at the restaurant pointed at him. That made him feel bad. A week later, he discovered that they were his University professors.

5.The big change by Zenon(Cyprus 2010)

There was a poor black boy who was sad because everyone was making fun on him. He decided to leave the town for a long time. After a few years, he came back rich to see his classmates. Everyone was shocked but impressed with the big change in his life.

6.Too late by Thekla S.& Irene P.(Cyprus 2010)
A little boy who lived only with his mother wanted to find work in another country because his mother was ill. After five years the boy got enough money and returned back to save his mother. When he came back his uncle called him to say that his mother died.

7.Bullying by Pieria(Cyprus, 2010)
One day during school break I saw some kids mocking a black kid. They started hitting him and kicking him. I felt really angry so I ran very fast to get help. I found a teacher and I told him what I saw. They found those kids and panished them.

8. The new boy in my class by George A. (Cyprus 2010)
One day I went to school and I learned that a new kid came to my school. He was from Africa .The other children teased him a lot. The boy didn’t come to school after that. The teacher said to me the boy went back to Africa because of us.

9. Was it worth it? by Sotiris (Cyprus 2010)
Last night in the club many people were dancing and a homosexual guy was among them. All the other people were searching for a chance to hit him. A while later, the homosexual accidentally spilled his drink on a guy’s shoes, and for that reason all people attacked him badly.

10.A kid that hates his mother by Eleni(Cyprus 2010)

There was a woman from Africa that had a baby. The mother had no money to bring up her baby and an English family adopted her child. After twenty years, the mother came back looking for her child. When she finally found him, she realized that he hated “black people”.